Free or Reduced-Price Lunch

Your family may qualify for free or reduced-priced meals.

As a part of the National School Lunch Program, some students may be eligible for a free or reduced-priced lunch.  All families wishing to receive free or reduced meals must complete a new application each school year. If the family received assistance in the previous year, it will continue for the first 30 operating days into the new year. Students who are currently in this grace period will have their benefits run out effective 09/29/2022.

To apply for updated benefits for the new school year, please complete an updated application form. The fastest way to apply for free or reduced-price meals is completing an online application, found here. There is also a downloadable app from both Apple and Google (School Café). Applying may make your child eligible for other benefits, including but not limited to scholarship and grant opportunities. 

If printing an application, the completed document may be sent to your child’s school to be turned into the Food Services Department. You may also email the application to the Director of Food Services, Gary Sorrells (  

After the application has been processed, the family will receive a notice stating the benefits for which the family is eligible. If a paper application is needed, it can be picked up at any school office or at the Administration Building. The online process is our preferred process since paper applications can take up to 10 days to process.


1. Visit
2. Review the process on the School Café Quick Card for creating an account and making payments.
3. Once logged into your account, you can apply for Free/Reduced benefits.
4. To locate the FAQ section, please click the “Contact Us” link.
5. On the next page, click the Frequently Asked Questions – View All Help Topics Link. This will take you to several helpful videos for completing both the Payments and the Benefits sections of the School Café application.