High School Enrichment Camps

  • Below you will find the Enrichment Camps available for high school students. Specific age groups are included for each camp. To sign-up for the camp(s) desired, please click the camp name and complete the linked Google Form for each individual camp. Sign-ups will close on June 12th for all camps. Please send cash or check payable to LOISD by the first day of your scheduled camp. 

    Sign-ups for Enrichment Camps are now closed. We look forward to seeing you next summer! 



    In this camp, we will learn the basics of everyday adult life: cooking, checking tire pressure, budgeting, bank accounts, and more!

         Teacher:  Jerry Trammell

         Available to:  9th - 12th Grade Students (For 21-22 school year)

         Dates:  July 12th - 15th  



    In this camp, we will be setting up individual athletic player profiles for potential college recruitment, learning how to fill out college questionnaires, and the differences between the levels of competition.  Students will be coached on what to expect on a letter of recommendation, how to properly communicate, and what the player expectations are at the collegiate level.  Local college athletes will come speak to the students, and we may possibly have NJCAA, NAIA, NCAA coaches come out and speakas well.

         Teacher:  Lesa Millsap 

         Available to:  9th - 12th Grade Students (For 21-22 school year)

         Dates:  June 7th - 10th



    Calling all crafty people! Come spend a few days learning new crafting skills where you can create your own beautiful yarn crafts to take home. Explore making pom-pom animals, tassels, needle yarn art, learn the basics of crocheting, and more! Please bring one skein of yarn and a crochet needle, size G or H. 

         Teacher:  Melanie Marsh

         Available to:  8th - 12th Grade Students (For 21-22 school year)

         Dates:  June 7th - 10th



    Leadership by serving others. This camp will help students build confidence by serving others in our community. We will be partnering with Lone Oak Community Seeds to provide community volunteer work, along with other organizations within Hunt County.

         Teacher:  Lindsey Buhler

         Available to:  7th - 12th Grade Students (For 21-22 school year)

         Dates:  June 21st - 24th and July 12th - 15th



    Students will build/create class models for various biology concepts.  We will explore Prokaryotes and Eurkaryote cell types, phases of cell cycles, genetic blue prints of DNA and RNA, chromosomal structures and Karyotyping, varying examples of Ecosystems, and creating an outdoor plant walk.

         Teacher:  Lesa Millsap and Lindsey Buhler

         Available to:  8th -10th Grade Students (For 21-22 school year)

         Dates:  June 14th - 17th



    Students will learn the basics of crocheting (chain, half crochet, single crochet, and double crochet) and start a blanket they can finish at home.

         Teacher:  Kathy Cowan

         Available to:  5th - 12th Grade Students (For 21-22 school year)

         Dates:  June 28th - July 1st



    Students will spend 3-4 days learning the crafts of sewing. We will learn to cross stitch a pattern, sew a simple gift bag, embroider your name onto a pillowcase, washcloth, or towel, and learn to sew on buttons into a cute pattern Christmas tree. We will be in stitches everyday.

    (Parents, please provide 1 yard of plain cotton fabric of your child's choice and a pillowcase, washcloth, or towel.)

         Teacher:  Melanie Marsh

         Available to:  8th - 12th Grade Students (For 21-22 school year)

         Dates:  July 19th - 22nd