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Tom McLaughlin

Welcome to Coach Big Mac’s 8th grade US History Class

In this class you will primarily use technology and Project Based Learning in the United States History course taught in Grade 8 beginning with the founding of Jamestown, Virginia (1607) through Reconstruction (1877). Our major time periods to be studied include the following: Colonization, Exploration, The American Revolution, The Constitution, The Young Republic, Manifest Destiny (Westward Expansion), Sectionalism (North and South), The Industrial Revolution, Civil War, and Reconstruction.

In my 12 years of teaching, I have taught all the Middle School Social Studies subjects - 6th grade World Cultures, 7th grade Texas Studies and 8th grade US Studies.

One of the many highlights in my teaching career includes getting on our local FOX TV stations Evening News Report for wearing a Tutu all day for my students. NOTE TO SELF – Do not bet the students if 95% pass the state test that you will wear a Tutu, especially if your Stepdaughter works for the Fox4 Evening News Anchor. I had 100% pass and 40% get Commended. I wore the Tutu.


My main philosophy here is "TEACH AND THEN TEST, I DO NOT TEACH TO THE TEST".

My mission statement is easy - "Develop young men and women into impactful leaders by helping them develop their intellectual, moral, and social skills for the global society of tomorrow".

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