• Construction Bid Information



    Lone Oak ISD is soliciting companies interested in providing General Construction and Related Services in regards to a district remodeling project.  (Ex: R-Panels, Windows, HVA/C, Doors, Cabinets, etc.) 

    LOISD is requesting that all phases be bid independent of the other phases and in their entirety. The project or phases will be awarded based on price, quality and timelines.  All winning subcontractors must hold a minimum of  $1 million in commercial insurance, meet all safety requirements of state and local agencies, and obtain needed permits and inspections.

    IMPORTANT INFORMATION ABOUT SUBMITAL OF BIDS.  Due to the multiple projects within this bid proposal, we request that you price Option 1 of each section at the lowest price you can offer for the specific work requested.  This is to allow bids to be compared and broken down.  LOISD understands that the lowest price or requested option may not be what would align to your company’s best interests or recommendation due to poor quality, sustainability, or cost efficiency.  This is why option 2 is offered.  This will allow you to give alternative options and pricing.  Please note that if at any point this document does not allow you to offer the best option, include a separate document with the bid that explains it.  The reason these projects are being requested to be bid as one phase is to allow for strategic planning to ensure the work can be scheduled around the needs of the district and students being in the building.  Many of these projects such as electrical, HVAC, and ceiling work must work together. Partial bids for a single phase will not be accepted.  To encourage all local companies to participate in the bid process, all interested parties can request to be added to our contact list that is shared below. This contact sheet will be a live document that will be updated frequently to let all local companies know the subcontractors that may be bidding for the phases and then they can contact the subcontractors directly to let them know that they are interested in bidding on a part of the scope of work. The document can also provide bidding subcontractors with a list of companies interested in bidding on specific projects within the phases. In order to be added to that list, please email kturner@loisd.net your company name, contact information, and your needs/project interests. Understand that this will be a public contact information list only to assist in connecting different companies and trades.

    Click here to access the contact list.

    Phase 1 - AWARDED

    Phase 2 (Administration Red Hall / HS Location)

    Bidders Meeting - Voluntary meeting to walk the project and ask questions about specific bid items:  Jan. 2nd @  9:30 LOISD Boardroom 

    Final Day to Accept Bids:  2/1/2023 by 4:00pm   2/8/2023 by 4:00 PM (extended due to weather) - See Bid Sheet for additional instructions 

    Expected Start:  As soon as awarded
    Expected Completion Time:  By 7/1/2023
    (Must be ready for occupancy for students in the 2023-24 school year)



    Phase 3 (Administration Red Hall / HS Location) 

    • Demo of Cabinets/sinks/toilets/chalkboards in all classrooms
    • Demo of hallway wall tiles
    • Replacement of new cabinets/storage and whiteboards/cork boards 
    • Sheetrock replacement/repair and paint hall
    • Replacement of new efficient ADA accessible faucets with glass fillers, sinks and toilets
    • Remove and repair new window thresholds/sills
    • Repair, replace and/or paint all interior walls, rubber cove base, grills and speakers
    • All work must be started and completed during summer. Approx. (6/1/24-8/1/24)
    • Provide plan and timeline for construction and completion during summer
    • Preference Given to Accelerated Timelines for early occupancy

    Final Day to Accept Bids:  TBD
    Expected Start:  After 2/20/24  Must work around students in building. 
    Expected Completion Time:  By 8/1/ 2024 
    Preference Given to Accelerated Timelines
    Must be ready for occupancy for students in the 2024-25 school year

    Phase 3 - The purpose for early bid requirements is to allow the district the time and information needed to develop and execute a comprehensive plan and budget to ensure the scope is complete by the start of the 2024-25 school year.

    *This serves as a general scope of work and timeline.  It may not include future additional work and omissions that may arise during the renovation process.  The timeline will be contingent on multiple factors, including but not limited to bond progress, enrollment, district needs and goals.  Note: Dumpsters will be provided by the owner; all fire, intercom, and technology should not be included in the estimate; thermostats will be provided by the owner.


  • If you are interested in other construction projects relating to the LOISD bond, please visit the Pogue Construction website. Information will be updated as it becomes available.